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James Webb Telescope’s iconic image reveals stellar surprise

When astronomers first saw spectacular snapshots of the Southern Ring Nebula acquired by the James Webb Space Telescope, they understood they would have to...

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Rare Mars eclipse by full moon wows stargazers with occultation

On Wednesday (Dec. 7), skywatchers around the world were treated to a celestial show as the full moon eclipsed Mars in the night sky.The...

Virgin Orbit delays launch from United Kingdom over licences

The first space launch from the United Kingdom is once again delayed.Virgin Orbit, which planned to launch satellites in Cornwall aboard its modified 747...


Space Flights

NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft returns to Earth on Dec. 11

The end is in sight for NASA's historic Artemis 1 mission.Artemis 1's uncrewed Orion capsule is scheduled to return to Earth on Sunday afternoon...

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NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover snags 1st dirt samples

NASA's most advanced robotic geologist to date has collected its first samples of broken rocks and dust from the Red Planet's surface. The Perseverance rover...


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