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A month on ‘Mars’: Traveling to the Red Planet

Two a.m. is not a fit hour for travel, but that was the rise-and-shine time for Pascal and me in San Jose, California. I’d driven to his home to fly out of the local airport shortly after five that morning. Other team members, six more in all, would be flying from Boston, San Diego, and Washington state. We would not rendezvous until we met up in Ottawa.

Three of our team members, Jason Soo Hoo, Rigel Cappallo, and John Barrett, all of the Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts, would be flying out of Boston. Our safety officer, Sawan Dalal, would fly in from San Diego where he recently completed a medical school rotation. Gabriel Dubé, the recipient of this year’s Apollo Fellowship from the Haughton-Mars Project (supporting him to pursue research at the HMP) would drive up to Ottawa airport from his home near Montréal, and finally, John Schutt, Pascal’s partner in running the Arctic base, would arrive from his home in Blaine, Washington. 

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