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Best cameras for photos and videos

Using one of the best cameras for photography and videography will give us the best images, or at least the best chances of capturing the perfect shot. There are so many cameras on the market, from DSLRs to mirrorless, that it’s difficult to decide which one to get, especially since each manufacturer claims their camera is ‘the best’ in some area. Luckily though, we’ve done the legwork and summarized our favorites in this article so you don’t have to go trudging around to find the answer.

There are two main types of cameras on the market once you take the leap from compact and smartphones: the DSLR, and the mirrorless. On DSLRs, the view through the viewfinder is piped up the lens by a mirror and prism arrangement, while on a mirrorless camera the viewfinder is simply a screen where a live feed from the sensor is presented. Mirrorless cameras are newer tech and tend to be smaller and lighter. For a more thorough comparison, take a look through our guide to DSLR vs mirrorless cameras.

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