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Best time to buy binoculars and save

If you’ve tried to buy a pair of the best binoculars for stargazing in recent months you’ll know that prices are sky-high. In fact, all shapes, sizes and price points of binoculars for kids and adults are about 30% higher now compared to last year. Why have binoculars become so expensive? What’s the best time of year to buy binoculars at a discount? And how can the savvy stargazer pay less than astronomical prices for their next pair of binoculars?

Picking the right binoculars in the first place can be daunting to the uninitiated so check out how to choose binoculars for astronomy and skywatching first. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about why the price of binoculars are rising, why they’re hard to get hold of, and what to do about it.

Why the price of binoculars are rising

Prices are rising for binoculars, just as they are for other goods. (Image credit: Getty)

A perfect storm of increased demand and restricted supply issues has led to most manufacturers of binoculars putting up their prices in 2022 and unable to meet demand. “COVID-19, the rising cost of raw materials and higher shipping costs are all having an impact,” said Neil Hawkins, owner of binocular-seller Tring Astronomy Centre in the UK and chairman of the Wycombe Astronomical Society. “The whole supply chain is on its head and we’re seeing prices continually increasing.”

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