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‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’ scores a new sequel miniseries from Titan Comics

Last winter, rogue replicants were all the rage when the neo-noir future of the “Blade Runner” universe was resurrected in a Crunchyroll Originals and Adult Swim animated TV show that represented the first-ever “Blade Runner” anime series. 

Now a new neon-soaked comic book sequel to the popular anime program from Titan Comics is expanding the sci-fi saga even further by picking up after the wild android-killing events that unfolded on the small screen from November 14, 2021 to February 6, 2022. 

Written by Nancy Collins (“Swamp Thing,” “Vampirella”) and adorned with electrifying illustrations by Mexican artist Enid Balam, Titan’s “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” is a four-issue miniseries that returns to the world of the amnesiac assassin named Elle, AKA Black Lotus. 

Blade Runner: Black Lotus (Image credit: Titan Comics)

Here, Elle is rocked by the reality that she can’t escape her troubled backstory to settle down into a peaceful routine in a future where her kind are still feared and hunted down.

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