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Celestron Travel Scope 70 now under $100 for Black Friday

The Celestron Travel Scope 70 is now 16% off for Black Friday, offering an impressive all-in-one skywatching kit for under $100.

The 16% discount (opens in new tab) means the Travel Scope 70 is a perfect way to jump into skywatching as a beginner and also makes a great travel telescope. While this telescope kit is aimed at beginner skywatchers, the Travel Scope 70 could easily fit into anyone’s telescope repertoire who’s looking for an easy kit to grab for on-the-go adventures. The package, which is currently priced at under $100, includes a Celestron Travel Scope telescope with a 70mm objective lens, a tripod, 20mm and 10mm eyepieces for both low- and high-power views, a diagonal for more convenient viewing and more.

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