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China completes T-shaped Tiangong space station with Mengtian module

The basic construction of China’s space station is complete, following a maneuver to shift the recently arrived Mengtian module to its permanent docking port.

China launched Mengtian, the third and final module for its Tiangong space station, on Oct. 31. Mengtian, which means “dreaming of the heavens,” docked at a forward port at Tiangong 13 hours later. 

The Mengtian module was then moved from that forward port on Tiangong to a portside berth on the station’s docking hub. The process involved a 90-degree turn of the module and was completed at 0132 GMT (9:32 a.m. Beijing time) on Thursday (Nov. 3) using a purpose-made powered mechanical device.

China’s new Mengtian module for the Tiangong space station is moved into its final position on the T-shaped orbiting laboratory. (Image credit: China Manned Space Engineering)

A similar procedure was conducted with the Wentian module in late September, moving the module to Tiangong’s starboard docking port. 

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