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Crimson Dawn’s Lady Qi’ra slays the Sith in Marvel Comics’ ‘Star Wars: Hidden Empire’

There’s a stirring within the Force emanating from the potent pen of superstar writer Charles Soule (“The High Republic: Light of the Jedi”) that fans will flock to as Marvel Comics kicks off a major line-wide expansion of their flagship “Star Wars” comics.

“Star Wars: Hidden Empire” is written by Soule, the main wordsmith and architect behind “Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters” and “Star Wars: Crimson Reign.” 

Joining him in this creative endeavor that rounds out his epic trilogy is series artist Steven Cummings (“Star Wars: Crimson Reign”), who also crafted a striking set of connecting variant covers for the debut issue that combines Lady Qi’ra, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, The Knights of Ren, and other main characters in the story arc.

“Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1” (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

This “most impressive” five-issue limited series will keep its narrative focus on Lady Qi’ra, the resourceful character spawned from the 2018 feature film, “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” As the Crimson Dawn’s cunning commander, her ambitions and desires have reverberated throughout Marvel’s vast roster of “Star Wars” comics. “Star Wars: Hidden Empire” goes full throttle to unveil Qi’ra’s master plan to exterminate evil Sith entities from the entire galaxy.

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