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Fastest nova ever seen ‘rings’ like a bell

Astronomers observing the fastest nova ever recorded have discovered that it reverberates periodically like a struck bell, with the unusual energetic phenomenon driven by a white dwarf feeding from a companion star.

The strange binary star system and the nova — designated V1674 Hercules and located in the constellation Hercules — could be the key to a better understanding of the chemistry of the solar system, the birth and death of stars and even the evolution of galaxies. V1674 Hercules first erupted on June 12, 2021, resulting in a burst of light so bright it was visible to the naked eye. Scientists identified the outburst as a nova, a sudden flare of bright light in a two-star system in which a white dwarf — a stellar remnant left over when a small or medium star runs out of nuclear fuel and sheds its outer layers — is dragging material away from a companion star



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