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Inspiring new Mars rover documentary ‘Good Night Oppy’ rolls in movie theaters today

With its uplifting tale of tenacity and endurance, the new space documentary “Good Night Oppy” arrives in movie theaters today, Nov. 4, for a limited run prior to a universal streaming release on Prime Video later this month.

Directed by Ryan White (“Ask Dr. Ruth,” “The Keepers”) and produced by Peter Berg’s Film 45 and Amblin Television, “Good Night Oppy” is the unbelievable space saga of Opportunity, NASA’s indefatigable little rover dropped onto the Red Planet’s surface back in 2004 for what was planned to be a 90-day mission, but against all odds lasted for nearly 15 years. This poignant film depicting the emotional bond created between stoic scientists and a finely-tuned aerospace robotic vehicle holds vital messages about technology and humankind that we can certainly all relate to.

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