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Investigate the retro sci-fi realm of Simon Stålenhag in new ‘Tales From the Loop: The Board Game’

Fans who absorbed the surreal and somber world of Amazon Prime’s sci-fi series, “Tales From the Loop,” might want to take note of Sweden’s Free League Publishing as they plan to roll out a new tabletop board game based on the hit TV show and artist Simon Stålenhag’s retro-inspired universe of fringe technology scattered across stark European landscapes.

This new cooperative amusement was forged from a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded in just three short hours and will be available for purchase starting Feb. 8 at the publisher’s webshop, local retailers, and some online outlets. On Amazon, the board game is available for pre-order for $79.99 and will begin shipping on Sept. 2. So if you may have to wait a few months if you want to pick it up from Amazon.

Artist Simon Stålenhag’s retro-inspired Tales From The Loop books have made the leap to role-playing game, TV series and now board game. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

Free League Publishing is notable for its formidable roster of award-winning, officially-licensed roleplaying games for franchises like “Alien,” Blade Runner,” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

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