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Leaky Soyuz tests thrusters at ISS, US spacewalk delayed

A leaky Soyuz capsule at the International Space Station test-fired its thrusters on Friday (Dec. 16) as Russian engineers investigated why it suffered an uncontrolled coolant spill this week.

The Russian-built Soyuz spacecraft, called Soyuz MS-22, sprang a coolant leak Wednesday night (Dec. 14) as two cosmonauts prepared to take a spacewalk outside the station. Russia’s space agency Roscosmos canceled that spacewalk and postponed another indefinitely as it investigates the cause of the coolant leak, which sprayed coolant particles into space from an exterior line on the capsule. On Friday, NASA also delayed a planned U.S. spacewalk to Dec. 21, a two-day slip, as the Soyuz work continues. 

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