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Lightning fails to strike Marvel’s latest superhero circus, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

As summertime starts to hit full stride in the wake of 4th of July, Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Love and Thunder” stumbled into multiplexes this weekend, dragging along both scathing reviews and confused MCU acolytes trying to unravel this chaotic blend of tone and style that is simply all over the map story-wise.

Remember when the God of Thunder was a noble, semi-serious Asgardian rebelling against Odin, his overbearing father, and constantly dodging nefarious plots from his trickster step-brother, Loki? Well those days of old are perhaps gone forever as Marvel has made the questionable decision to reduce the valiant hammer-handling hero into a goofy, lovesick clown minus the red nose and oversized honking shoes.  

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