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McDonald’s moonman: Apollo astronaut statue erected at Houston-area restaurant

A new statue of an Apollo astronaut now stands near NASA in Houston, just in time for the anniversary of the first moon landing.

To find it, just follow the Golden Arches (opens in new tab).

“Looking for an out-of-this world photo op? Come to Nassau Bay (opens in new tab), where this incredible astronaut was installed today in front of the McDonald’s located at 1320 E. NASA Parkway!” city officials wrote on the Facebook page (opens in new tab) for the Houston suburb on Monday (July 18).

The new Apollo astronaut statue at the McDonald’s restaurant in Nassau Bay, Texas, was installed on Monday, July 19, 2022, just two days before the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 first moon landing. (Image credit: City of Nassau Bay)

The larger-than-life astronaut is sculpted wearing an Apollo-style spacesuit, complete with a NASA logo on its chest, a reflective gold helmet visor and a red carton of McDonald’s french fries in its gloved left hand.



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