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Solar eclipse glasses on sale at Amazon

If you want to view this month’s solar eclipse you’ll need to do so safely, luckily Amazon has savings on solar eclipse glasses. 

The coming solar eclipse is due to happen on April 30, so now is the time to go and grab those glasses to protect your eyes if you happen to be in the region of visibility across South America or the Pacific Ocean. You can get glasses made by a NASA-approved manufacturer for either $11.99 (10 pack) or $5.99 for two. One thing to note is although it’s a saving of 88% the original price does seem very high, so this looks like a better deal than it is, but we still think the price you pay is a good one. And even if you’re not in the visibility region for the April 30 solar eclipse, you can use them for safe sun observing or the next solar eclipse in your area.

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