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Space helicopters will help us explore Mars and other worlds

When NASA scientists were planning the Mars Perseverance mission, they decided to try something new: Instead of just sending a rover, they’d also send up a small helicopter. Although originally intended as a simple technology demonstration, the aircraft Ingenuity has far exceeded expectations.

“It did such a good job in fact that even though we originally were meant to fly only up to five times on Mars, we got a new mission,” Håvard Grip, an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California who is the aerodynamics and flight control lead and the chief pilot for the Ingenuity helicopter, said during a news conference during the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting being held this week in Chicago and virtually. Ingenuity would now help scout ahead for the Perseverance rover, scoping out the landscape from the air.

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