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‘Star Wars’ at 45: George Lucas’s space opera still strong

Whether you believe Han or Guido shot first, we can all agree that director George Lucas’s “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” created an iconic entertainment dynasty 45 years ago today that’s been unsurpassed in nearly a half-century, filtering into every nook and cranny of popular culture with its timeless space opera charms.

“Star Wars” is the electrifying touchstone for generations and it’s truly remarkable for its influence on not only the sci-fi genre in general, but how it ignited the imagination of countless artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, composers, and filmmakers around the globe. From comics and clothing to bedsheets and books, the original 1977 movie and its prequels, sequels, and spinoffs continue to entertain millions with its heroic tales from a galaxy far, far, away. In fact, you can see our picks for the best Star Wars deals, Star Wars books and the best Star Wars Lego sets available now.

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