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The ‘Andor’ penultimate Season 1 episode reminds us there are many threads in the fabric of this story

Following the conclusion of the jailbreak set piece in episode 10, we are once again reminded of the other, equally important elements that make up the “Andor” story of the origins of the Rebel Alliance. And boy did that jailbreak get our hearts pounding, but with just two episodes left, including this one, it’s difficult to see where exactly the first season of this groundbreaking “Star Wars” live action spin off  on Disney Plus (opens in new tab) is going to leave us for the potential year-long break we imminently face between this first season and the second, which has only just begun principal photography.

We’re reminded of how this struggle is unfolding for so many, in a number of ways and how they are risking their very lives to resist the consistently tightening grip that the Empire has over the galaxy. Not every battle takes the same format. And while this show has redefined what can be considered “Star Wars,” it has followed a basic formula, which is in essence the very effective build up of tension of ran inevitable set piece, followed by the execution of said set piece, then a recovery period and repeat.

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