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The Fourth of July sky: What you can see on Independence Day

Based on the latest national forecast, skies will be mainly clear on Monday (July 4) evening across a large part of the contiguous United States (the “Lower 48”), as millions gaze skyward to be entertained by pyrotechnics displays in celebration of the 246th year of American Independence. The only exceptions might be across parts of the Pacific Northwest where cloud-filled skies may prevail along with a slight chance of spotty light precipitation; parts of New Mexico and Colorado where showers and thunderstorms could fall, and portions of the Piedmont and Southeast US that might also be plagued by cloudy and thundery weather. 

If you’re viewing evening fireworks with family and friends, you might also want to enlighten them by pointing out some of the objects that will be sharing the spotlight with the skyrockets and Roman candles. Better yet, if you have a telescope, give them a show of a different kind: A close-up view of some celestial sights. What will be available to look at on July 4? 

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