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These SVBONY telescope Prime Day deals are out of this world: up to $140 off

Whilst many won’t be quite as familiar with the SVBONY brand as other heavyweight optics makers, we put the SVBONY SV503 80 on our best telescopes guide and we did so for good reason. Its 560mm focal length will get you up close and personal with deep sky objects, while the large 80mm aperture will gobble up all available light for crystal clear and bright images for viewing and astrophotography. It can also be used for terrestrial viewing where it displays color-rich, color-accurate images.

The last price reduction was in January 2022 when it was reduced to $399.99. Given the recent price hikes and supply issues, we’re surprised and pleased that this Amazon Prime Day (opens in new tab) the price is marginally lower at $375.99 (opens in new tab). If you do end up purchasing this telescope, you can make small savings on accessories too if you check out all at once. You’ll have to provide your own eyepieces so consider this if you don’t have them already.

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