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Watch the total lunar eclipse of May 2022: Super Blood Moon webcasts

The moon will pass through Earth’s shadow in a total lunar eclipse overnight on May 15 and 16, the first Blood Moon of 2022, but if bad weather ruins your view you’ll have options to watch it live online.

That will give you a chance to watch the full Flower Moon experience a total lunar eclipse as the moon moves into the shadow of the Earth. The eclipse will be visible in total phase from portions of the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the east Pacific. A penumbral eclipse (where the edge of Earth’s shadow will fall over the moon) is visible in New Zealand, eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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A visibility map of the May 15 to 16, 2022 Super Blood Moon total lunar eclipse. (Image credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio)

While timing depends on where you are gazing at the sky, says the partial eclipse phase of the moon eclipse begins May 15 at 10:28 p.m. EDT (0228 GMT on May 16). It will get to the red-hued Blood Moon peak May 16 at 12:11 a.m. EDT (0411 GMT). Then the event ends at 1:55 a.m. EDT (0555 GMT). Note the penumbral eclipse will begin about an hour earlier and end about an hour after the partial eclipse. 

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