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Weedo Tina2 review: a budget-priced, beginner-friendly gem

Getting into 3D printing can be a daunting prospect. Aside from choosing a printer, there’s the rigmarole of assembling it, ensuring it’s level, finding a place where it’ll both fit and won’t be interfered with, the list goes on. The Weedo Tina2, is aimed at simplifying this whole affair, and as a quick glance at the company’s website confirms, is targeted at both beginners and children. 

Also sold under a couple of other brand names, including the Monoprice Cadet, the Weedo Tina2 is available as two models; the Tina2 Basic model (the one we tested) comes with a MicroSD slot (for direct printing) and a PC connectivity via PC.  The Upgrade model adds a finger-protecting nozzle guard  and WIFI, though we’re not convinced the latter upgrade is worth it. 



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