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Celestron SkyMaster 15×70 binoculars, now less than $100 at Amazon

This popular variant of the best binoculars available, the Celestron Skymaster 15×70, is 25% off for Black Friday and is available for just $90.25. They were $9 cheaper ($81) in the October Prime Day Sales, but given the price of almost everything is on the up, it’s not surprising the drop in price is just a touch smaller. They are also reduced at Adorama, now $99 (opens in new tab) and B&H Photo, $99.99 but with a free flashlight (opens in new tab) if you’d like some Amazon alternatives.

In our Celestron Skymaster Pro 15×70 review, we found them excellent for viewing larger deep-sky objects. While this deal isn’t for the pro version, these binoculars boast almost the same specification, less a slightly more rugged construction and fully multi-coated optics, as opposed to ‘just’ multi-coated optics. 

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