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Get $85 off Celestron’s Trailseeker 8×42 ED binoculars

Without getting too bogged down in the science, extra-low dispersion glass prevents or at least minimizes chromatic aberration (color fringing). Chromatic aberration usually occurs when there is a big contrast between light and dark objects, say a star, the moon, or in daylight, a dark object in front of a bright blue sky. The better the aberration is controlled, the cleaner and brighter the image will be. 

Amazon is offering the Celestron TrailSeeker 8×42 ED binoculars for $325.13 (opens in new tab), but with an extra $30 coupon applied at checkout, bringing the price to less than $300 (opens in new tab) — almost as cheap as the non-ED version! We haven’t seen them at that price since 2019, so if you’ve been waiting for a good price, now seems to be the perfect time to snap them up.

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