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How ‘Andor’ sound and effects wizards created a gritty ‘Star Wars’

The turbulent season finale of “Andor” came and went and we’re still basking in the afterglow of this sensational 12-episode “Star Wars” series on Disney+. 

Using a minimalist style that operates within the “less is more” arena of filmmaking, creator and showrunner Tony Gilroy have accomplished a Herculean task of conjuring fresh magic within the “Star Wars” universe. Filming for Season 2 has recently started on this triumphant spy thriller chronicling the nascent days of the Rebel Alliance and its renegade assassin Cassian Andor and how he enters the resistance’s fold with the guidance of Rebel mastermind Luthen Rael. Lucasfilm’s sophomore season of “Andor” planned for 2023 or 2024 takes viewers right up to the timeline where “Rogue One” begins.

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